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From Our Head of School
A Message From

Rabba Daniella Pressner

As a member of the Akiva family, you take part in a creative, collaborative and inclusive community and one that is filled with joy. I am always amazed by the depth and sense of wonder that our children possess not just in Kindergarten but throughout their time at Akiva. The children grow to be fiercely independent and fiercely knowledgeable and connected to their Jewish identity. Akiva children are doers and thinkers. They ask each other tough questions and find meaning and relevance in getting to know each other. Akiva families are loving and supportive. Your child will be known, loved and cared for every day and his or her mind and soul will be nurtured. Most importantly, Akiva is a place that values both knowledge and character. We learn to live out the values that are taught. Our children think about what it means to live with empathy and understanding, with keen intellect and with moral courage. Every day, I am inspired by our children’s compassion, and by the incredible support of the entire Nashville and national day school community for this special place.

The Akiva community is truly a family– one that is filled with spirit, deep honor and lasting friendships.

We welcome your family with open arms.


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