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Hebrew & Judaics

Tal Am and Ivrit

In the 1st-4th grades at Akiva, our teachers use the Tal Am curriculum for Ivrit and Judaics. It is a program developed in Canada and Israel that was created based on years of research on the principles of language development and learning patterns.

Our students learn the connection between the holidays and the oral law through the proverbs and commentaries of the Jewish Sages. In addition to this, many of the holidays are connected to the books that are traditionally read. For example, in preparation for Yom Kippur, the students study the Book of Yonah.

The students work on developing their reading and comprehension skills as well as their skills in Torah commentary and their biblical textual skills. They increase their awareness of the specific ways of approaching the Torah text and begin to recognize the structure of the biblical narrative. In all aspects of the class curriculum, students work on honing their skills related to parsing and translating the text, reading and analyzing commentaries and their process of questioning, and engage in a critical analysis of texts.

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