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Our educational program fosters children’s physical, intellectual, spiritual and social growth and guides them to think critically and to live compassionately. Throughout the day, students learn the value of collaboration, creativity, curiosity, and communication and experience learning that is rich with meaning and adventure. Teachers, in collaboration with our student-support specialist and our school counselor, work to accommodate multiple learning styles and the range of developmentally appropriate progress. Jewish values and traditions are a part of the rich learning and living that takes place every day at Akiva and our children graduate with a deep sense of self, an intermediate to advanced Hebrew proficiency level and as arguably the strongest quantitative thinkers in Nashville due to the rigorous General and Judaic Studies curriculum.

The Akiva Advantage

As the only Jewish Day School within a 150 mile radius, we take it as our duty to ensure that our students are not only prepared academically and socially for the world, but also equipped and eager to make our world a better place. Taking the time to help our students have curiosity and wonder for the world around them, a deep sense of self, and an obligation to our community is the Akiva Advantage.

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The S.T.E.A.M. program at Akiva is not just about the exploration and integration of science, technology, engineering, the arts and mathematics. It is about the Habits of Mind we hope to cultivate in every child. These include: curiosity, creativity, collaboration, communication, a willingness to fail and take risks, the ability to reflect and an emphasis on designing with empathy. Whether they learning basic coding in Kindergarten or writing code in 2nd grade, our goal is that upon graduation, students have not only learned about the technical facets of the S.T.E.A.M. approach but have learned to seamlessly integrate this creativity and quest for depth of learning in their overall approach to the world. Many schools can provide their children with opportunities to increase their technical abilities but not every school challenges and supports children in their quest to bring greater meaning to this world. Our S.T.E.A.M. program challenges students to be daring innovators with heart and through their creativity and ingenuity, our children challenge themselves to positively impact the communities around them.

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Hebrew & Judaics

At Akiva, the goal of our Hebrew and Judaics program is to develop children that are literate in the Hebrew language and equipped with the knowledge and skills to inspire informed Jewish living. Students in the classroom are surrounded in a stimulus rich environment. Knowledge is acquired through a variety of activities using the five senses, including stories, songs, visual aids, and games. Our students develop their Hebrew and heritage literacy in a gradual, spiraled process each year that builds new ideas and concepts onto an expanding foundation of knowledge.

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Lower School (K-4)

Akiva students are known for their academic distinction, being leaders in their community, and critical thinkers and change-makers. Our students understand what it means to be a part of their Jewish community and take active roles in the global community whether they are helping to raise money for roofs in Puerto Rico, leading Shabbat services for our seniors or asking questions about policy at our Nation’s Capital.

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Middle School (5-6)
Middle School is a time where children need to be encouraged, challenged, and supported. It is a time where they are working through who they are as an individual while also working through how to navigate their social landscape. Our Middle School (5th and 6th grade), students begin to establish a deep sense of self and self-worth while understanding their responsibilities towards others, their community and themselves. By the time they graduate, they are ready to take-on the next phase in their life. Heads of Schools from the local private and public high schools share that Akiva students are confident, they have a deep love of learning and they have a strong moral compass.

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Jewish Middle School
Jewish Middle School’s (JMS) mission and values complements Akiva’s approach to learning. Like Akiva, JMS is an inclusive values-based school in a nurturing environment. They focus on the whole child and, because of their smaller class sizes, are able to ensure that every child’s learning and emotional needs are met. Many of our families find that the transition from Akiva to JMS to be an easy one that is well suited for their child. Whether you have a child enrolled in Akiva or are considering “next steps” after Akiva, JMS is a viable option for your family.

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