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A Day in the Life

From the moment they enter our halls until the time they go home, Akiva students experience academic rigor, social and emotional support, and opportunities to “lean into” their curiosity and wonder.

Every day, students are exposed to academic rigor, leadership opportunities, sports, Jewish heritage and culture, the Arts, service projects, Hebrew immersion, and community engagement. These opportunities empower our students to find meaning in what they do and gain a deep sense of self and responsibility for our community.


Through our General Studies and Judaic studies, students are exposed to academic rigor through a wide variety of experiences. Whether it be learning how to create solar ovens in our garden, working on code in our MakerSpace, skyping with our sister school in Israel, or performing on our stages, our students and faculty strive for academic excellence and the development of character every day.


At Akiva, we understand the Arts (Visual and Performing) play a critical role in our children’s educational journeys. We provide students with spaces to take part in their creative expression both in and out of the classroom. From stage performances of The Jungle Book, to pottery created in our kiln, to learning the songs of our Jewish tradition, our students know  that learning about others’ art as well as creating our own takes courage, compassion and reflection.


The physical education curriculum at Akiva follows the Long Term Athletic Development (LTAD) model in helping children build overall strength, fitness, athleticism and the development of long term healthy and active lifestyle habits. Akiva has a cross-country running team that trains on our 42-acre campus and competes in local cross country meets. In the spring, Akiva’s track team participates in the NYA (Nashville Youth Athletics) league. Additional after- school physical activities are offered, including all-sports-fitness club and dance club. Akiva 5th and 6th grade boys are invited to join the Harding Academy football team, and Akiva girls are invited to join the JMS Volleyball team.

Character Development

Character development is the cornerstone of what sets Akiva apart from all other schools in Nashville. In today’s world, where children struggle with anxiety, self-esteem and self-advocacy, Akiva helps students build a deep sense of self. Through the practice of mindfulness, and a curriculum in social and emotional thinking, the Akiva advantage is truly about ensuring our students understand how to be mensches in this complicated world. Through practicing empathy, patience, forgiveness and advocacy, our children learn to be courageous upstanders and build positive and lasting friendships. 


At Akiva, we understand that a love of learning is strengthened when children are provided with choices in their learning.  During our school electives and lunch crews, students dive into topics of interest and have opportunities to explore in multi-age groups. Electives range from theatre and improv, to basketball and middot, to researching Israeli pop culture, debate, and Club Mishnah.

Social Action

When you speak with Headmasters of the schools our children matriculate into, they say that Akiva students are dedicated contributors to their communities. They feel responsible for making this world a better place. Our faculty and staff consistently work alongside our students to ensure that they understand this responsibility and that they feel empowered to be the change they want to see in this world. We expect our students to not only excel academically but also be exceptional human beings and contributing citizens.

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