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Lower School (K-4)


In Kindergarten, students are introduced to a world of exploratory learning in both English and Hebrew. A small class size promotes individual attention and opportunity to build strong skills in language, literacy, math, science, coding, and most importantly, community.

Students are fully immersed in Hebrew language and they learn and celebrate through song, dance, and small group centers. In the classroom, students participate in regular storytelling and dramatization experiences, building their identity and competency as literacy creators and learners.

Some of our favorite science projects include our study of worms and hatching chickens from our in-class incubator.

First Grade

In first grade at Akiva, learning is filled with adventure and spirit. Our students build a roller coaster, are introduced to a virtual classroom of peers in Hebrew, learn about the United States of America in their Flat Stanley tour of the country, and have the opportunity to take part in Nashville’s rich Arts culture with trips to the Nashville Symphony and Nashville Children’s Theater.

Second Grade

Second grade is a year of growth, milestones, and dynamic experiences. From communities to insects to food groups k, we learn much about the world around us and our place in it. Through songs, literature, hands-on projects, and minds-on field trips, second graders gain a better understanding of themselves, each other, their Jewish heritage, and their role in the community. Using an integrated learning approach in both General Studies and Jewish Studies, teachers work together to create individualized and balanced learning opportunities for each child.

Integrated STEAM opportunities in the 2nd-4th grades have students in their Hebrew classes interviewing practitioners who wear uniform and redesigning their uniforms to better tend to their every-changing needs.

Third Grade

In third grade at Akiva, students learn everyday through powerful content, encouragement, and self-motivation. Students take pride in authentic leadership roles in a year-long economy unit in which they earn credits and debits. Students learn major economic concepts and apply their growing math skills and conceptual understanding on a daily basis. Third graders respond to literature through high quality creative “P.R.O.B.E.s – Personal Response on Basically Everything.” Students develop organizational and note taking skills through managing individualized daily reading notebooks and goal setting.

Fourth Grade

During fourth grade, students are challenged to think deeply, explore intensely, and express their understanding in both speech and writing.
In mathematics, there is an emphasis on a realistic approach to problem solving, and on solidifying basic skills. Students investigate the human body, matter and energy, and the magic of the universe by pairing learning with rich non-fiction texts, response reports, interactive simulations, interdisciplinary extensions, and home connections. STEAM labs are explored using the engineering design process involving straw rockets, bears in boats, tall tower challenges, and solar ovens.

Fourth graders embark on a journey through regions of our country, government, and become state experts through projects, debates, and cultural fairs.
Students continue to be immersed in Hebrew in their Judaics classes and are provided with opportunities to lead the school in its learning on Tu B’Shevat, our holiday to honor the trees. Students read, write, listen, and converse entirely in Hebrew and further explore their heritage through songs and literature. Some highly anticipated events at Akiva are the 4th Grade Shabbbaton, the Pesach Seder, the State Fair, and Let’s Ask Akiva.

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